Video Production

Filming on location (Half Day)-$500

Half Day = 5 hours or less

Filming on location (Half Day)-$900

Full Day = 10 - 12 hours

Video production rates vary based on the scope of the project. If you’re looking to have THE WAY record, produce, and edit your video, click below to request a quote.

Studio Recording

$70 per/hr.

4 hour recording block-$250

8 hour recording block-$475

16 hour recording block-$925

Song rate-$1,500 per song

Includes mixing of 20 tracks or less

We also offer monthly rates so that you can pay as you go. Each monthly package will give you a certain amount of access to the studio every week. Give us a call today at (301) 643-4549 to find out more.

Mobile Recording

Please call to get a quote. Pricing will depend on several factors including distance traveled and details of the project.


6 tracks or less-$100

12 tracks or less-$185

20 tracks or less-$500

30 tracks or more-$700

50 tracks or more-$1,250

Mixing of songs are on a per song basis and vary depending on the number of tracks in your song.

Sound For Film

Sound recordist on location:

Half Day-$400

5 hours

Full Day-$800

10 hours

Film score and sound design:

Theme Music-$300

3 hours

Sound design project-$500

5 hours

Multiple themes and scores-$750

10 hours

A full score-$1,500

20 hours

Full score with sound design-$2,000

30 hours


All in studio lessons are:

Half Hour Lesson-$35

One Hour Lesson-$70

Lesson packs also available. All lesson packs are in studio one-hour lessons. Request a quote for travel lesson packs.

5 lesson pack-$300

10 lesson pack-$600

15 lessons pack-$925

Virtual Lessons Online:

Half Hour Lesson-$35

Music Lesson or instructional tutorials

45 min Lesson-$50

Music Lesson or instructional tutorials

One Hour Lesson-$70

Music Lesson or instructional tutorials

Travel lessons vary depending on location. Fill out the contact form or call us today to request a quote.

Video production rates may vary based on the scope of the project. If you’re looking to have your video recorded, produced, and edited by THE WAY, click below to request a quote.

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