$70 per/hr.

4 hour recording block


8 hour recording block


Song rate

$1,250 per song

Includes mixing of 20 tracks or less.

We also offer a flat rate for entire projects depending on how many songs and the scope of your project. If you are interested in a project rate, request a quote by filling out the contact form or giving us a call.

Mobile Recording
Please call to get a quote. Pricing varies on distance traveled and details of the project.

6 tracks or less


12 tracks or less


20 tracks or less


30 tracks or more


50 tracks or more


Mixing of songs are on a per song basis and vary depending on the number of tracks in your song.

Video production services vary depending on the scope of the project.

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Sound recordist on location:

Half Day


5 hours

Full Day


10 hours

Film score and sound design:

Theme Music


3 hours

Sound design project


5 hours

Multiple themes and scores


10 hours

A full score


20 hours

Full score with sound design


30 hours
All in studio lessons are:

Half Hour Lesson


One Hour Lesson


Lesson packs also available. All lesson packs are in studio one-hour lessons. Request a quote for travel lesson packs.

5 lesson pack


10 lesson pack


15 lessons pack


Virtual Lessons Online:

Half Hour Lesson


Music Lesson or instructional tutorials

45 min Lesson


Music Lesson or instructional tutorials

One Hour Lesson


Music Lesson or instructional tutorials

Travel lessons vary depending on location. Fill out the contact form or call us today to request a quote.

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