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Who We Are

THE WAY LLC is a Christian multimedia production company founded on Christian principles. It was inspired by the premise of John 14:6. It says, “And Jesus answered, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.’”

There’s so much ugliness and negativity in the world. You read about it in magazines or see it on the news. So we created a company model on staying positive while sharing messages of hope. We are committed to making your project a success. Click here for more information on all of the services we offer. Also, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here to stay up to date.  We are located in Maryland, but also provide services to Washington D.C., Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York.

Our Journey

In May of 2017, founder and CEO, Luis Catarineau’s mother became gravely ill. It was a really difficult time for Luis and his family, but God used this experience to grow his faith. God always finds a way to turn an unfortunate circumstance into a beautiful outcome. Luis Saw the miracle of God first hand as his mother rose up from that bed. Today, it’s as if she was never sick. Through this experience, Luis received a calling from God to break away from negative projects. Instead, God directed him to focus on spreading God’s grace and mercy through audio and video production services. In other words, the company formerly known as LAC Music Group closed, and THE WAY was born.

On the Set

Spread the Gospel

To spread a message of hope so that others may see the love of Jesus Christ in us as we work to deliver top notch audio and video production services.


God Given Talents

To assist our clientele in using their God given talents by providing them with high quality audio and video production services. 

Meet our Team

Luis Catarineau and Marcela Montenegro are a husband and wife team with wide-ranging experience in audio and video production. Click on the images below to read more about their background and qualifications.

In Production getting to work

Luis A. Catarineau

CEO Audio Engineer

Luis A. Catarineau is a dedicated teacher, musician, singer/songwriter, arranger, music producer, audio engineer, and video producer. He began his professional work in the media industry in 2007 when he landed his first studio engineer job at Avalon Recording Studios. It was there that he met friend and mentor Paul Minor, with whom he worked until his passing in 2012. Paul was a music producer and audio engineer who was well known in the industry for producing Earth, Wind and Fire’s album “Avatar”.

In 2010, Luis began LAC Music Group LLC, a music production company based near Washington D.C. Mr. Catarineau did countless Go Go, Hip Hop, and R&B sessions.

Through the years Luis has had the pleasure of working with numerous artists throughout the DC Metropolitan area. Those artists include, Ski Johnson, the Velons, Mycah Chevalier, Pamela Parker, King Raymond Greene, Al Johnson, Nakuu, and Harold Winley AND The CLOVERS. Mr. Catarineau currently works on the media team at his local church where he runs the sound as well as records the services (video and audio).

Marcela Montenegro


Marcela has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Argentina and a Master of Science Degree in Nursing from Bowie State University. She is a nurse practitioner, whom strives for continued personal and professional growth. She worked as a stage designer assistant in Buenos Aires, as a drafter for architecture firms and as an Art teacher in several middle and high schools in Argentina. Marcela is currently a media team member at her church & she is currently working on a documentary project as the director of photography for THE WAY.

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